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Biomass Energy

AFS Energy Systems provides turnkey design/build biomass energy solutions for industrial and commercial businesses across North America.
Steam, Hot Water and Air Systems
    High Pressure Steam Systems
Water Tube / Fire Tube Boiler
100 to 1,200 Boiler Horsepower per Boiler
150, 300 & 450 psig

Water Tube Boiler Steam Systems
10,000 #/hr. to 60,000 #/hr.
300 to 900 psig

Low Pressure Steam Systems
Firebox Boiler
35 to 600 Boiler Horsepower per Boiler
15 psig

Hot Water Boilers
35 to 600 Boiler Horsepower per Boiler
30 or 60 psig

Organic Rankin Cycle (ORC)
Combined Heat & Power (CHP)
Output 300 KW to 2.4 MW
176 Deg. F to 248 Deg. F (Hot Water Temperature)

Hot Air Systems
1 Million to 20 Million BTU’s/hr.
  Automatic Ash Removal Furnace    Pneumatic Injector Stoker System    Overfed Stoker System  
  Ash Removal Systems
Ultra-Grate Ash Removal System
Versa-Grate Ash Removal System
  Specification Sheets
High Pressure Pneumatic Stoker System
Low Pressure Pneumatic Stoker System
High Pressure Underfed Stoker System
Low Pressure Underfed Stoker System
Fuel Types and Sources
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