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Direct Fired Green Sawdust Burners

AFS Energy is again leading the industry in alternative heating fuel systems. Direct Fired Green Sawdust Burners provide a solution to many of the issues of conventional designs. Our burners use readily available green sawdust for a very economical heating fuel system. Using a unique after-burner design, our units provide clean and complete combustion.
Featuring a cost savings Recirculation System!
    • For direct fired applications with “Dual Path Continuous Kilns”

• Standard sizes – 22.5, 27, 31.5 and 36 MMBTU

• Cast iron sloped grate design

• Automatic ash removal with stainless steel dump grate design

• High quality refractory

• Pitless burner design

• Kiln steam collection hood exhaust systems - Al or SS

• Custom system configurations
       Arkansas 8 Grate Burner    Alabama 7 Grate Burner    
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