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Dust Collection

A custom designed dust collection system ensures you minimal energy consumption. Dust collection for rough mills & dimension mills with green or dry wood waste are just a few of our specialties. AFS is committed to excellence in workmanship, engineering, and unparalleled service.
Reduce Maintenance Clean-up Costs
    AFS Energy Systems designs, manufactures, and installs custom dust collection systems that will:

• collect your waste for use as an alternative fuel source
• provide extraction of wood residue from your wood working equipment
• provide air-quality control within your plant
• reduce your maintenance clean-up costs
• reduce your exposure to fire


• Baghouse Filtered Collectors
• High-efficiency Cyclone Collectors
• Pulse Jet Collectors
• Cartridge Collectors
• Flyash Collectors Components:
• Material Handling Fans
• Rotary Airlocks
• Ductwork
• Storage Bins
• System Control Panels and MCC
• Spark detection and extinguishing systems
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