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Fuel Storage

AFS Energy Systems provides an array of fuel storage systems to complement our Biomass Energy Systems. AFS will consult with you on your specific needs or preferences for fuel storage, providing information to properly size the storage system.
Silos, Fuel Bunkers, Trailers and Day Bins
    Silos are available in concrete or metal configurations. All silos are provided with an automatic self-unloader to transfer the stored fuel to the combustion system. A pneumatic or mechanical conveying system is required to fill the silo. Storage silos provide optimal fuel storage within a limited amount of space.

Fuel Bunkers are live bottom pits that can be provided in concrete configuration or as a steel bin above the ground. The bunkers are custom designed to fit an individuals fuel and space requirements. They contain a series of hydraulically operated scrapes located at the bottom of the bin or a leveling screw at the top and pull the fuel from the bin upon demand. The advantage to bunker storage is that it can receive fuel in a wide variety of ways including self-unloading trailers, dump trucks, front-end loaders, conveyors and pneumatic systems. Different types of fuels can also be combined or segregated within the bunker if desired.

Self-Unloading Trailers provide an economical and versatile means of fuel storage. The live bottom trailers are hydraulically operated and can be discharged to a receiving/metering conveyor. The trailers can handle virtually any type of fuel. The trailers can also be used to transfer fuel from remote parts of your plant to the combustion system without the need for a transfer system. The trailers are also be used in combination with the AFS day bin.

Day Bins are storage bins designed to receive fuel from live bottom trailers, dump trucks or front-end loaders. A large hopper is provided to receive the fuel that is then discharged into a vibrating or conveyor system. The conveyor will meter the fuel out of the bin to the material handling system. When used in conjunction with live bottom trailers, AFS provides components to automatically operate the self-unloading trailers to fill the Day Bin upon demand. The trailers are left connected to the Day Bin thus providing additional storage. The Day Bin vibrating discharge conveyor can be provided with a metal detector and a screen section for segregating oversized material if required.
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