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The three founders of AFS Energy Systems have been in the biomass industry for almost thirty years! They formed AFS Energy Systems in 1990 and there is no substitute for over 100 years of combined engineering experience serving customers across North America. If you want a biomass energy system done right, you need a company that knows the business and has a track record of providing successful solutions.

Each and every component in an AFS Biomass System is hand selected and best-in-class. From the long-life steel in conveyors to the state-of-the-art P.L.C.s in the control panels to modern manufacturing techniques, AFS’ full-time Quality Control Officer ensures your energy system is built to provide you ongoing financial benefits.


In this economic climate, it’s tough to find a great investment. AFS Energy clients often experience a payback of two to three years! A biomass energy system from AFS is a ‘sure thing’ in very uncertain times.


The AFS Service Team is ready to assist you at any time. Through on-line access to our control systems, they might be able to help you instantly. If on-site service is needed, service technicians are poised to provide full support in their fully-stocked AFS service vans.


AFS Energy Systems provides a complete, in-house solution to your energy needs and much more. Dedicated teams for design, fabrication, engineering, support and service ensure there is accountability and control over every aspect of design and manufacturing.


An AFS customer gets what an AFS customer needs and wants. There are no AFS “cookie cutter” solutions. You have specific needs and AFS will custom design your system to exceed your expectations. And if you need assistance with analysis, we’ll help you with that as well!


An AFS Energy biomass system is not designed to be the cheapest or most expensive solution. AFS will design your system to be the best value, paying for itself quickly and making your business more profitable and environmental at the same time. That’s value!
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