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AFS Energy Systems Executive Leadership and Experience.

Left to Right: John Frailey, Mark Leach, Jay Clark

Mark T. Leach, President
A.A. Mechanical Engineering Technology

Mark T. Leach is a founding partner and company president, responsible for Engineering Design and Project Management. A native and resident of Harrisburg, Mark spent his entire professional career in the renewable energy and metal fabrication business. Since receiving his degree at Harrisburg Community College, he has been designing, installing and supporting biomass systems and engineering solutions.

Before founding AFS, Mark progressed from Mechanical Designer to Project Engineer to Product Manager and finally to Plant Manager for Saxton Air Systems – Energy Systems Division based in Harrisburg. Since 1990, Mark Leach has worked to make AFS Energy Systems one of the fastest growing and most successful renewable energy system companies in the United States. You can reach Mark at

John A. Frailey P.E., Vice President – Engineering

B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Professional Engineer Pennsylvania Reg.# PE-037927-E

John Frailey is also a founding partner as well as the vice president of engineering for AFS Energy Systems. John is responsible for the engineering design, service and support of all AFS wood-fired biomass systems. John also spent his entire career in the renewable energy field. Since receiving his BS in Mechanical Engineering degree at Auburn University, he has been designing and supporting renewable energy biomass systems throughout North America.

Before founding AFS, John worked as a project engineer and engineering manager at Saxton Air Systems – Energy Systems Division. Since 1990, John and his partners have established AFS Energy Systems one of the fastest growing and most successful renewable energy system companies in the United States. You can reach John at

Jay Clark, Vice President – Sales

B.S. Business Administration

Jay Clark is the third founding partner of AFS Energy Systems. A Florida native, Jay received his degree and moved to Pennsylvania to build his career in biomass systems in 1981. Since then Jay has held various executive positions with Irvington-Moore (sales manager), Saxton Air Systems Inc. – Energy Systems Division (vice president, sales), American Wood Dryers, Inc. (sales manager), Automated Lumber Handling, Inc. (partner, vice president) and A.L.H. Properties, Inc. (partner, vice president).

Jay Clark manages all aspects of the day-to-day sales process for AFS. Jay and his national team of AFS sales representatives cover all of North America. His responsibilities include a thorough analysis of the perspective project site as well as the customer’s needs and challenges. Then he works closely with the AFS engineering team to custom-design the optimal renewable energy solution. Jay’s many years in the forest products industry also make him a valuable resource in assisting customers in finding fuel for their wood-fired energy system. You can reach Jay at

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