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With all due respect to everyone and everything else, Safety is the number one priority at AFS. With the finest, most experienced fabrication and service professionals in the business, keeping our precious associates healthy and safe is the foundation for everything else.
    Safety isn’t part of our culture – it is our culture!            
    Safety is the number one priority at AFS. With the finest, most experienced fabrication and service professionals in the business, keeping our precious associates healthy and safe is the foundation for everything else.

AFS is proud to be one of the very few companies in the country to receive OSHA’s most prestigious small business safety award – S.H.A.R.P. as well as being a 2013 semi-finalist for the Pennsylvania Governor’s Award for Safety Excellence! 
  The AFS Safety Programs

Safety Mission Statement & Goal

AFS Safety Mission Statement: “AFS is committed to assuring the safety of our associates by setting and enforcing standards; providing training and working daily for continual improvement in workplace safety.” AFS Safety Goal: “We will continue to improve our safety practices so we become “THE” model of safety for all small manufacturing companies.

State Certified Safety Committee

The AFS Safety Committee works closely with all Associates and the Senior Management Team to ensure Safety remains the number one priority at AFS. They meet at least monthly -sometimes weekly if necessary. This team has two direct directives: (1) treat safety as a matter of life and death – because it is and (2) treat every “close call” as a fatality – so it never is.

S.B.W.A. – “Safety By Walking Around”

One of the core beliefs of the AFS Safety Team is that the single most important thing we can do is simply walk around, observe behavior and look for safety risks. It is amazing what you learn from SBWA. AFS has four people walking around weekly – alone and in pairs – observing. They never fail to find at least one opportunity to improve safety. This sounds too simple but it works and is a staple in our efforts to make AFS the safest place to work.

Safety Training, Inspections & Drills

The AFS Safety Committee leads the entire AFS team through multiple training sessions throughout the year. Most involve outside speakers and audio/visual training aides. Strict records are kept and anyone who misses must make up the session. New associates attend a half-day of safety training before they are allowed to complete any work duties.

All equipment that could place an AFS associate at risk is inspected daily, weekly or monthly depending on the equipment. Some equipment is inspected by Safety committee Members while the remaining equipment is inspected by the associates who use it. Detailed records are kept for all inspections. Evacuation drills are held annually. If there is any failure or questionable action on the part of any associate, the rill is repeated at a later date. Again, records are kept on file.

Near Misses

Every manufacturing facility has “close calls” or “near misses”. The goal of course, is to eliminate those also but, since they are a reality, the AFS Safety Committee chooses to see them as an opportunity. When a near miss occurs, the first order is to treat that close call as a fatality. Over the top? Yes! But an extreme focus on safety requires over-the-top passion.

The AFS Safety Officer, the COO, the employee who was at-risk and their supervisor all gather immediately to complete the Near Miss Report, thoroughly investigate what happened and why and learn how the risk can and will be mitigated. The seriousness of this investigation dem onstrates to all AFS Associates that Safety is really our first concern and no injury or near miss will be taken lightly.

Weekly Safety Talks

Every week starts with one thing and one thing only – a thorough discussion between the AFS Safety Officer and the entire manufacturing team. Spirited conversation is always the result because everyone understands the daily obligation to stay safe and keep each other safe as well. This conversation reminds everyone that this week (and every week) safety comes first!

First Aid & CPR

The AFS Safety Officer and the Fabrication foreman are certified in First Aid and CPR.
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