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Frequently Asked Questions

Ask AFS Energy Systems!

What is a biomass energy system?

Biomass energy is produced by burning organic material, usually woody products such as sawdust and wood chips. It is possible to mitigate or even eliminate the energy requirement for small or large organizations using only renewable woody fuels. Other organic fuels can also be used including grasses, sugar cane, husks and more.

Return On Investment

How fast will an AFS Biomass Energy System pay for itself?

The payback period for a biomass system depends on many variables. One of our customers, a city hospital, paid for their $2.1m system in just 17 months! Over ten years later, they are laughing all the way to the bank. What they may not have expected were the awards and the wealth of positive publicity they received from the New England media for their green energy success. Of course, your R.O.I. (Return on Investment) will vary depending on many factors including the need for & design of a building, fuel costs and many other variables. AFS is a turnkey provider and when we are the complete solution, the R.O.I. or payback period is optimized.

Vendor Selection

What should a company interested in biomass energy / renewable energy look for in a vendor?

The two biggest factors are experience and turnkey solutions? Do they have technicians ready to travel if needed?). If you really want to learn about a Biomass vendor, ask them for a list of all of their clients. Call anyone you please and you will get a good feel for their experience and abilities. What do they outsource and therefore not have complete total control over? AFS has been in business almost twenty-five years, has over 100 combined years of biomass engineering experience and they outsource nothing but portions of some remote installations!


Does it matter where I am located?

The only geographic limitations that could exist with biomass energy are state or local regulations and fuel accessibility. AFS installs systems all across North America. Many of these systems are installed at sawmills everywhere so your AFS Sales Representative can connect you with fuel suppliers in most cases. The AFS Engineering Team will determine of there might be any municipal concerns but in most cases – local and state governments will welcome any green energy technology.


What fuels can I burn in an AFS Biomass Energy System?

Most AFS systems burn some form of wood residue including sawdust, yard waste, tree trimmings, wood chips and more. We always analyze any potential fuels so, if you have a potential fuel source you would like to use as fuel, we will test burn a sample and let you know if it is a viable fuel source. AFS Energy Systems has installed biomass systems at sawmills across North America for over twenty years so we often can help our customers find quality fuel at reasonable prices.


How much space do I need to add a biomass energy system on my business property?

The footprint of a biomass energy system varies depending on (a) the equipment required and (b) the available space. AFS custom designs every section of every system to ensure optimal usage of your existing space as well as maximum cost control and return on investment (R.O.I.).

Energy Types

What types of energy can I produce?
AFS Biomass Energy Systems produce steam or hot water. Steam energy can be used for heat, hot air, hot water, cooling (air conditioning), electricity (using a steam turbine), sterilization and any other specialized need such as producing cheese, cardboard or a wealth of other products that require steam to produce. Hot water systems are typically used in conjunction with existing hot water systems, buildings with pools, etc.

Energy Potential

How much energy can I produce and what do I do if my needs vary?

Your new AFS Biomass System automatically adjusts to your energy demands. Of course, you might need to adjust your fuel ordering at times but the rest is mostly automatic. AFS energy systems are very flexible so your system will run just as well on low fire (low demand) as it will on high fire (high demand). If you can produce more energy than is needed, you might be able to sell your excess energy to your neighbors!

System Design

How do I select a design package for my biomass energy system?

You don’t! Every AFS Energy System is custom designed to your specific goals, needs, desires and limitations. You will get what you need and want – nothing more or less! AFS does not use cookie cutters.


How do I meet air quality permit requirements burning wood?

All AFS Energy Systems will meet or exceed all air quality permit requirements; guaranteed! AFS uses fly ash collectors, bag houses and electrostatic precipitators to scrub the emissions, assuring your stack test is passed.

Labor Requirements

How much will my labor costs rise with a biomass energy systems?

Your labor requirement should be reduced with an AFS biomass energy system. Of course, only you know how much time your people spend on your system now but an AFS system requires very minimal human intervention. The AFS Total Control System uses state-of-the art computer, Primary Logic Controller (P.L.C.) and Variable Frequency Drive (V.F.D.) technology and logic to automatically control your energy system. If an issue arises, the system automatically contacts your Operator so constant oversight isn’t necessarily required. Bottom line – the average system administrator spends 2-4 hours per week caring for the biomass system!


What happens if I need service or support for my system?

The AFS Service Team assists you in many ways. You can reach them anytime through the AFS 24 x 7 Customer Service Hotline. The AFS Service Vans are seen across the highways, traveling to see customers when needed. Additionally, the AFS Total Control computer systems are configured for remote access so AFS support technicians and engineers can connect to and assist you in tweaking your system when needed. Whatever you need, AFS is equipped and staffed to assist you when and where you need it.

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