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Customer Testimonials

Why AFS Energy Systems? Ask our customers...

“Our AFS wood fired boiler system has more than handled the coldest winter to date (2017-2018) since being installed. Our cost to heat so far, this winter is $1.49 per SF for our 180,000 SF school. I would recommend to any school that presently uses NG or Oil like we did to consider installing a modern wood heating system like ours.”

Kelly Sparks
Maintenance Director- Northern Bedford School District
Bedford, PA

“The AFS team worked closely with our design team to integrate the flexibility and efficiency we needed for operating our new biomass boiler system. They also made multiple trips to our facility during the boiler start-up phase to build confidence in our boiler operators as they adjusted to the new system. Our biomass boiler project was the biggest renewable energy project in Gundersen Health System’s portfolio and having success was crucial. We’ve had a great relationship with AFS and consider them a key part of our team as Gundersen reaches toward its energy independence goal.”

Jeff Rich
Executive Director, Gundersen Health System
LaCrosse, WI

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and the AFS team for assisting us with the Skowhegan High School Biomass Boiler project. As you know, we selected AFS for this project for many reasons, but two key factors were your ability to customize the equipment and your experience installing systems in similar facilities. The boiler you provided truly maximizes the space available, and your continued service through installation, start-up, and commissioning has helped our project team and the client ensure that the system is meeting or exceeding all expectations. Congratulations to you and your team. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

James Wilson, P.E.
Senior Vice President
Woodard & Curran Inc.

“AFS Energy Systems offered and provided an outstanding biomass system designed specifically for our needs and goals. We are extremely impressed with the results. The project went smoothly with constant communication and on-time installation. Our system runs predictably and reliably. Best of all, our AFS Biomass system exceeded our expectations for ‘Return on Investment’ and saves us money every day. Thanks AFS!”

Scott Meister
Owner, Meister Cheese Company
Muscoda, WI

“We selected AFS Energy Systems because they offered the best overall solution to meet our energy needs. We could not be more impressed with the results. From the day we started planning our project, the cooperation and communication were impressive. The installation was completed on-time. A year later, we’ve had no major problems and our service and parts inquiries have been handled promptly. Best of all, our new wood-fired boiler system is quickly paying for itself and we’re saving money every day. Thank you AFS for your cooperation and support.”

Dewey Swift
Plant Manager, Baillie Lumber
Titusville, PA

“Cooley Dickinson Hospital needed a Biomass Energy System that would generate reliable steam to provide heat, air conditioning, sterilization and hot water to the Hospital while reducing the organization’s fuel costs. AFS Energy Systems met all of our criteria that ranged from custom designing the system to installation and ongoing support. The system is extremely reliable and, most important, Cooley Dickinson Hospital’s return on investment continues to be lucrative. AFS promised a lot – and they delivered!”

John Lombardi
CHFM Director of Facilities
Cooley Dickinson Hospital

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